Hope At The End Of The Tunnel

After waiting on end to lovingly hold him in his hands, twirl his finger in his delicate hand, and remark of his striking resemblance with him or his folks, he got a smack on his face. Reality ambushed him with an unusually white baby. Instead of melting his heart like his firstborn son did, the little boy smoldered it. How could such a dark man as he, sire such a white child? “Cursed genes” he believed, probably wishing he could stamp “Return to Sender” to avoid dealing with the stigma of an albino son.

This is a story of one Samuel Njeru Njoki a 20 years old boy from Mbeere.
Immediately he was born his father abandoned his mother Ms. Njoki. Njoki began a journey of raising her son alone. After years of living alone, Njoki remarried and this became a road of nightmare for Samuel Njeru. Days living with his step-father became unbearable because he was seen as a curse in her mothers’ life thus his mother decided to rent him a house at a tender age of 11 years while he was still in primary school.
In his new house in Kwamaa Mbeere, Njeru didn’t know how to begin he was confused with mixed emotions. It was just the other day he was defendant to his mother and now he had to depend on himself. He would often go to his mothers’ house for food when the Step-Father was not in though it really strange for him.
Njoki, Samuels Mother was born in a family of three, where her parents had passed on and she was left an orphan therefore, Samuel has no close relatives that he knows of and hence he had to depend on his mother for survival.
In 2016 Samuel s’ mother started ailing this became even harder for him. He would look for daily jobs after school to be able to survive. God had been merciful and by then he was a form two student and was still pressing on. In October 2016 Samuels’ mother passed on and he felt like this was the end of the road for him.
Months after her mother passed on he was chased out of school because of lack school fees. He looked for jobs with no success because he was still a minor no one wanted to employ him. He would go days without food or settle since the house he was rented for he was not able to pay for it.
As a child with Albinism he would face prejudice from the society and seen as an outcast. For one year he was unable to go back to school until one day a well-wisher gave his story to Embu integrated program under the Ministry of Education.
In 2017 is when his story was narrated to Ann Mwaniki the program Coordinator who too his matter and she was able to look for a school for him. He joined Kamarandi Secondary School in Mbeere North. Speaking to Albinism Society of Kenya Press , Ms. Mwaniki said, “ This boy has gone through a lot of struggles since he was born and my hope is that he will get well-wishers help him finish school and be able to stand on his own. I have tried applying bursary’s for him and at least for one term he was sponsored, I would really like to thank Albinism Society of Kenya for paying school fees for this term and hope the society will continue to help these needy children.”
“What gives me hope is that all this will come to pass and will be able to stand on my own. I would wish to become a Doctor when I finish school.” Said Samuel Njeru
Samuel case was discovered during the selection of students to be helped by Albinism Society of Kenya ‘Imarisha Masomo’ program early this year. Albinism society was able to take him back to school with school fees and the society is calling on well-wishers to join the society to ensure that Samuel Clears his schooling to University.

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