Goldalyn: The Golden Girl

Goldalyn Kakuya from St Ann’s Junior School Lubao, in Kakamega County, emerged top after scoring four hundred and fifty five (455) marks out of five hundred (500) marks despite all the challenges that come with albinism. She was the first Person with Albinism to top the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education since the introduction of Kenya Primary School Certificate in 1985, when the 8-4-4 system of education was introduced in Kenya.

“It is now my pleasure to declare the 2017 KCPE examination results released and wish all candidates success in their future endeavours and at the same time wish each and every Kenyan a Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2018”.

It is after these words by DR. Fred O. Matiangi, Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Education that Goldalyn Kakuya’s victory started. This was on Tuesday 21st November 2017. Kakuya scored 99A in English, 99A in Kiswahili, 85A in Maths, 88A in Science and 84A in Social Studies. Education Cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang’I said special schools produced 6 of the best candidates nationally. Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Kakuya excitedly said that she is honoured to be celebrating her achievement and that she had not expected to perform towards that extent.

“I am honoured to be here celebrating this … it’s wonderful because I did not expect to do very well”. She said.

Kakuya’s achievement has been a fruit of the great work that Albinism Society of Kenya has done in creating awareness on inclusion of Persons with Albinism. Albinism Society of Kenya that was formed in 2006 has been doing activations in counties for years to educate people about the causes of albinism and to show that Persons with Albinism can exel. “Ni ngozi tu (it is just the skin)”, otherwise they can compete with other members of the society on matters productivity at the workplace.

Kakuya dedicated her achievement to teachers, friends and parents who had a hand in her performance, adding that she would like to join Kenya High School or Mpesa Foundation Academy as her dream schools.She did not fail to mention her career dream of becoming a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist because she likes anything related to the mind.

“In future, I want to be a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist. I always like anything related to the mind”. She said.

Speaking to Albinism Society of Kenya’s press, Goldalyn dedicated her success to Persons with Albinism. Her success was a clear indication that Persons with Albinism are equally bright and can perform very well. Goldalyn and her family got a gift of Ksh a hundred thousands (100,000) from Albinism Society of Kenya. She also got a gift hamper from Safaricom Blaze, a trip to Mombasa from Bonfire Adventures among others.

While announcing the results, the Cabinet Secretary foe Education announced that the government was ready to sponsor a hundred (100) of the students who scored above four hundred (400) marks. Dr. Matiang’i also announced that all students who scored over four hundred (400) marks would be guaranteed a place in national schools.

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