Mr & Miss Albinism Kenya 2016

This was a journey that was embarked to debunk some of the myths that persons with Albinism go through. Persons with Albinism face myriad of problems including being raised by single mothers, low education level, high poverty level. The main motive of the event was to create an awareness of Persons with Albinism to showcase the beauty beyond the skin of Persons with Albinism. The event also was supposed to achieve that Persons with Albinism can also live and do things just as normal people. By this, a new story for Persons with Albinism was written in the First Ever Beauty Pageant in the world.


30 contestants showed up for the auditions where 20 of them got shortlisted to proceed for the main event. They were all in jovial moods with some anxiety showing up on their faces as it was their first experience in this new venture. With the kind of catwalks they had, one could easily tell that the experience was new to them. The selected 20 contestants were all super excited for being given a green light for the next stage of the contest. This led to boot camp training.


The 20 contestants arrived proud of themselves fully armed with determination to learn all that it takes to be a professional model. They met with their trainers who will be taking them through one week boot camp training. The trainers gave the contestants motivation talks and some guidelines what they were expected which geared them for the preparation of the main event.
During the boot camp, the contestants had one of a lifetime experiences which will always stick to their minds. They had fun interacting with each other, with this; some of them enhanced their interpersonal skills. Their physical muscles grew due to the daily morning exercises they did. The models also got to learn how to conduct and behave themselves in public as professional models.


Then came the D-Day which was full of pomp and color. It started by and amazing performance from the Models which is well known as ‘Different Colors One People’. They were sending a message to the world that they are also the same as we are. The event was graced by prominent public figures including Deputy President William Samoei Ruto, Cabinet Secretary Phylis Kandie, TV personality Janet Mbugua and great artists among them Bahati, Deno, Makena and Mumbi. The models were all looking glamorous in their different categories i.e. creative attire, professional attire and dining attire.
The event had some of the renowned judges ( Robert Burale, Deliah Ipupa, Odada Okello and Idah Ngumah) who gave fair results where Jairus Ong’etta and Loise Lihanda emerged as the first ever Mr & Miss Albinism Kenya 2016 respectively.
The audience was wowed by the creativeness and the beauty beyond the skin they had seen on the Persons with Albinism. Some remarked that they didn’t know that persons with albinism are that beautiful. The contestants who didn’t win were very glad to have gone through that experience as their self-esteem had grown greatly.


New stories have now been for Persons with Albinism. The will be looked by the world in a different lens. Color has been added to their lives. The fathers will stop abandoning their children after birth on realization that they are with albinism since they will be aware what Albinism is all about. The girls will be seen as beautiful and they will get very prospective gentlemen to marry them and vice versa. Persons with Albinism will get to know that they are valuable and they will be walking heads held high. The ritual killings of persons with Albinism will stop as people are now aware that it is a fallacy to do so. The society will now accept them just the way they are and they will have equal opportunities as their fellow persons with no Albinism. The students will now have the confidence of sitting down on the class and doing their best.


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