Linda Ngozi Program

This is a skincare program where Persons with Albinism are protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. The skin being the largest organ in the body, is more susceptible to damage by the harmful rays, thus resulting to Skin Cancer. Under this program, we distribute sunscreen lotions to Persons with Albinism, prioritizing those who cannot afford to

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Nisikilize Program

This is a counseling program where Persons with Albinism who have undergone societal stigmatization, traumatizing experiences and brutality are counseled on rising back up after such an ordeal. The program was put in place to offer free counselling sessions to not only Persons with Albinism but also guardians kin who have no idea of how Read More

Huduma Bora Program

This is an institutional-strengthening program where we partner with other key players and stakeholders to build our own internal capacity, as an albinism-affiliated organisation, so as to effectively serve Persons with Albinism and members of the general public at large, who in one way or another interact with Persons with Albinism. The kind of assistance

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Linda Macho Program

  This program is tailored towards ensuring that Persons with Albinism take good care of their eyes. Every Person with Albinism is naturally short sighted and it is only the length of eyesight that varies. Albinism Society of Kenya runs this program to mobilize partnerships and resources, which go towards distributing prescription glasses and other

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Jisimamie Program

Under this program, Persons with Albinism are made to benefit from financial allocations given to them as capital. Persons with Albinism also get to benefit from trainings and mentorship programs on entrepreneurship. In order for one to benefit, he or she must be a Person with Albinism and is required to write a Business Proposal

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Naweza Kazi Program

Under this program, Albinism Society of Kenya partners with potential employers, to make it easier for unemployed yet qualified Persons with Albinism to find jobs. This project works such that the project beneficiaries send their updated Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) to the organisation. The CVs are then confidentially stored in a database, where necessary information is

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Niko na Haki Campaign in Ruiru

Niko na Haki Program

This is an awareness creation program where we engage in various activities that advocate for the rights and welfare of Persons with Albinism. These activities include: civic engagement forums, photo tours through travels and public lectures. In the past, these activities have resulted to a great impact locally, regionally and internationally. In terms of creating Read More

Imarisha Masomo Program

Albinism Society of Kenya values education because it empowers Persons with Albinism with the knowledge required to take part in governance. In conjunction with our partners and sponsors, we run this program to give Persons with Albinism the educational support required to advance to the next level of learning. Targeted beneficiaries are needy students with Albinism Read More