Cancer Treatment Program

We have facilitated the treatment of over twenty Persons with Albinism in various Hospitals. We have facilitated the screening of over many Persons with Albinism each year.

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Linda Ngozi (Sunscreen Program)

Linda Ngozi is one of our program where we provide sunscreen lotions to PWAs so that they can protect their skin from sun, the program also aims to create awareness to people with albinism on how to protect themselves from the sun and hence use of sunscreen which Hon. Sen. Dr. Isaac Mwaura in the Read More

Jisimamie (Economic Empowerment)

After realizing persons with Albinism who have completed education most of them don’t get the privileged for jobs and it becomes very hard for them to cater for their needs we started a project named Jisimamie (Economic Empowerment) this was to train and mentor PWAs on personal skills and entrepreneurial skills we would also work

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Naweza Kazi ( Job Placement)

The program entails Looking for job opportunities and attaching PWAs by sending their CVs to different companies. Since we started this program more than twenty 20 PWAs have benefited from this program, after realizing that most PWAs are qualified but are either denied or do not have access to the jobs. We engage with different

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Niko na Haki Campaign in Ruiru

Niko Na Haki Campaign Program

Nikon na haki is a campaign where we visit different parts of the country to raise awareness and educate the communities on matters concerning albinism. Albinism continues to carry a deep stigma in Kenya. According to report done by CERD A on Kenyans with Albinism Racial Discrimination states Vulnerable population within Kenya regularly experiences discrimination Read More