Imarisha Masomo (Educational Support)

We assits the needy students persons with the albinism who have been abandoned neglected in the society. We also ensure proper learning and education system in the education system in their institutions. For the last 10 years we have been in existence we’ve been able to sponsor more than 65 students/pupils from Kindergarten to University level and tertiary.

The program has taken keen interest on the high prevalence and the challenges faced by Persons with Albinism (PWA) in terms of their skin problems, vision, low self-esteem, myths and stigmatization in recent times. Statistics are yet to show that the population of Persons with Albinism in Kenya .
Education is a right with no prejudice to a particular child or adult. It has no respect for the colour of the skin or race, king or slave, age or sex. Necessary steps need to be taken to enhance the learning process of Persons with Albinism. The classroom teachers or literacy facilitators should appreciate the problems of pupils, students and adults with albinism so as to be able to manage those challenges facing them in their learning situations.
The programs goal is to sponsor PWAs to go to school and empower them to be able to stand on their own and show the society ‘Ni Ngozi tu” they capable of performing better in education an life. The society is proud of the First Senator in Kenya who has Albinism Hon. Sen. Dr. Isaac Mwaura who represent people with disabilities in the Senate and Judge Mumbi Nd’ung’u –the first woman judge with Albinism in Kenya. This is enough proof that when People with albinism are given a chance to study they can bring value to the society in a huge way.
The society has been able to educate 150 students since 2016. It is good to note the society fully dependable on donors therefore, it has been able pays schools fees as per the funds received.
albinos are humans just like any other person with melanin. The program also aims to create awareness to people with albinism on how to protect themselves from the sun and hence use of sunscreen which Hon. Sen. Dr. Isaac Mwaura in the 11th Parliament lobbied and ensured that sunscreen is free to people with albinism. Normally a bottle of Sunscreen costs KSH 2000 which is too expensive and unaffordable.
The society has been able to reach 24 counties in creation of awareness in Kenya.

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