Hon. Dr. Mwaura M. Isaac Wins the Malaika Activist of the Year 2016 Award


By Mercy Ndirangu
It started as a misfortune back in 2000 where he had lost his eye after being involved with a group of armed robbers in Nairobi. His ‘siku ya mwizi ni Arubaini,’ came in 2001 where he was caught and he was caught up in a mob ‘justice’. In the process, his eye was injured and after days of visiting the doctors, he lost his right eye.

“It all happened in a split second. All I remember was lying down surrounded by a huge crowd who beat me up mercilessly. One poked my eye using a sharp instrument. Meanwhile, I could hear the rest urging someone to bring a car tire to burn me alive,” Daddy Owen said.

After spending a whole week in an eye hospital in Kikuyu, he decided to turn over a new leaf. He, however, remains with a scar on his left eye that he conceals with his pair of sunglasses. His dream was to become a musician but after losing his eye, he had low self-esteem and he would always wonder what the society world say about him. One day he had a bulb moment and he realized that people would judge him on his performance and not with his eye.

He started his journey as a musician and in the process, he excelled and won several awards including; MTV Male artist of the year, Groove Award Male artist of the year, Best Anglophone award by MTV among others.

In 2012 his vision Actualized, Malaika Tribute Award was founded. The award was designed to recognize and appreciate persons who have made outstanding achievements despite their disability which is a true testimony to the fact that inability is not disability.

The process of nomination is done by a team of the national council, where the narrow down to a list of 10 people from the 100 nominated people.

Hon. Dr. Mwaura M. Isaac won the Malaika Activist of the year which came after he was given the Chief of burning spear award which was given by the president during Jamuhuri day 2016. Among other people who won the Malaika Awards include;

• Malaika Young Achiever in the Arts was awarded to BABELYN MUKILA

• Malaika Young Achiever in Sports was awarded to MUCHAI SAMUEL KIMANI

• Malaika Teenager of Courage was awarded to ROBERT GESANDA,

• Malaika Activist of the year was awarded to HON ISAAC MWAURA

• Malaika Good Samaritan of the year was awarded to CHRISTINE GIBBARD

• Malaika Innovator of the Year was awarded to HUDSON ASIEMA

• Malaika Notable Educator was awarded to Dr. JEFWA MWERI

• Malaika Campaign of the Year was awarded to THE SHORT STATURE SOCIETY OF KENYA

• Malaika Special Recognition was awarded to ROBERT MWORIA

• Malaika Lifetime Achievement was awarded to DR. SAMUEL KABUE

Speaking during the awarding ceremony that took place in Albinism Society of Kenya board room in Nairobi west by the renowned musician Daddy Owen, Hon. Mwaura M. Isaac CBS said, “I dedicate this award to my very able team and to all children with disabilities. The future is always possible. My tomorrow is better than today!!”

The award was conferred to him due to his active engagement in fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities in general. In particular, MTA noted about the novelty of the Mr. and Miss Albinism Kenya beauty pageantry, in not only showcasing the beauty but also, talent, building confidence and breaking barriers for young persons with albinism.

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