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By Mercy Ndirangu
Skin Cancer is a great danger to persons with Albinism and when it strikes, many are not able to get medication. It’s recommended that they apply and reapply sunscreen with an SPF of 50+, UV-protective sunglasses, a hat, and UV-protective clothing when they go outdoors. Without melanin, skin is more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage caused by UV radiation. Melanin acts like sunscreen by absorbing some UV radiation before skin cell DNA is damaged. Samuel Kuria Nyumu is one of the most recent cases of the affected person.
Kuria was born in kiwani village, Saboat Constituency, Transnzoia County. He was born in a family of seven and among them is the only who was ‘unique’ he had albinism. The society didn’t receive him well since they didn’t understand how two black people can bring forth a ‘Mzungu’ thus he began to be treated differently from the rest of the children. In 2001 he joined class one and his hope was to study and prove to the world that his disability was not inability. Unfortunately his mother died the same year. He was accused of killing his mother, he was called all kind of names and all this did not make sense to him at all.
In 2002 the following year, his father died and life became difficult. He dropped out of school in class two. His elder siblings were still in school and for the whole family it became survival for the fittest. The younger siblings (Four of them) went to stay with their grandmother in Kitale and a new life began for Kuria.
In Kitale he was not able to continue with school so he joined to help his grandmother in the farm. Five years later his first two siblings and grandmother passed on and he was left to be the bread winner for his four siblings. He planted and ploughed to get food but life became even more difficult because h could not be able to survive alone. I mean he was not prepared to be the mother and father of his younger siblings at his age.
In 2015 well-wishers adopted his younger siblings and his burden was eased. He began to look for ways he could get his daily bread and he resulted to selling drinking water to peoples home. In his line of work he met Donald Odhiambo and they became good friends. They moved in together to save on the little they got to save.
In 2017 a misfortune happened he developed a small wound behind his ear, he didn’t know it’s cause; it is when he went to see a doctor in a provincial hospital that he was introduced to sunscreen for the first time. He was given a bottle and the doctor gave him some medications that were to heal the wound.
Five months later the wound developed to a bigger and luckily his case was highlighted sometimes back by the media and today Albinism Society of Kenya met the young man of 22 years from Kitale in order to help him get treatment.

Currently he makes a living by fetching water for people and thus he cannot be able to raise funds for his treatment. As Barack Obama once said, the best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope. We are calling on you to partner with us to make a difference in Kuria’s Life. You can call us on 0710841183 or 0790489125 or Whatsapp us on 0721864949

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