Meet Assumptah Mbithuka

By Mercy Ndirangu
Born and raised in Machakos County, Assumptah Mbithuka was among the among the top 20 finalists who participated for the first ever Mr&Miss Albinism Kenya 2016 which was organized by the Albinism Society of Kenya. “The awesome beauty pageant event meant a lot in my life for it was another eye opener and was like a dream come true in my life.” She Said “It was an opportunity that played a very vital role in my life. It was a great exposure from which I learned a lot, got new ideas, pieces of advice and a big experience.” She added.
Speaking to Albinism Society of Kenya Press she stated that the pageantry gave her a chance to interact with new friends, learning about their life journey, and different experience that they face as persons living with Albinism. From the different stories shared, she was moved and tone by the challenges that PWAS were going through since she had not gone through such challenges.
The pageantry gave her self-esteem and a reason to fight for people with albinism more. “I can now strongly and proudly stand and address thousands about what Albinism is and the different challenges people born with Albinism face in their life’s and how good to live with them. Am very pleased by the society for through this platform people can now fully recognize and realized that persons with Albinism are complete human beings despite of their skin condition and that they are beautiful, handsome in the LIVELINESS OF GOD have needs, skills and talents.” She Said
“Finally, I would like to urge everyone to treat persons with Albinism with all the due dignity and respect. Give them jobs in places of work which will make them interactive. I Urge all the parents with children born with Albinism to allow them play, interact with the rest of the children be in school. I would also like to use this platform in sensitizing people with disabilities and especially persons living with Albinism on what, how they can use their skills and talents so as to bring change and total transformation in our society and the whole world at large. Thank you to Albinism Society Of Kenya for coming up with such a reproductive idea that left the whole world trembling because of the mighty things that were witnessed, experienced which touched hearts of millions of people.

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