Meet Mark Titus

Am Mark Titus one of the happiest finalist of past first evert Mr. and Miss Kenya albinism 2016 beauty pageantry. Born from a humble family, I’m 24 years old, a Christian a holder of an advance diploma in import/export procedure and above all a great enemy of discrimination and social oppression towards people with Albinism.
The event was a dream come true, it has never rung in my mind before that one day l would get such an opportunity to talk to the word and tell them who truly we are. After the event, so many things have changed in my life. First, I see myself being appreciated and recognized in by the society in which was a day dream before. I believe a positive massage was sent to the society which changed the perspective view of many on people with albinism.
‘YES, WE CAN’, I believe this was the sense with which was driven to the world by the event. Personally, am now over whelmed with joy because we are now seen as people compared to before. At the moment l, can smile after the event since it has made even ladies notice that I’m handsome and now they want to be associated with me. I can now proudly say it is a walk in the park to get into a strong, healthy and strong relationship because we proved to the world through the event that we are just like other men.
Sincerely, I being part of the event gave me steps ahead in which I have been logging for. It was a dream which got some light after long. To me it wasn’t a mere event rather a calling which was burning inside me to get opportunity to tell the society who we are hence fighting for the rights of person with albinism, Creating awareness and educating the society about us.It time now we join hands and do away with this disease by the name ‘discrimination and social oppression towards persons with Albinism’. The journey has kicked off and we got our plane (Albinism society of Kenya) hence the best pilot our dear big brother Hon Isaac Mwaura. Together we can make a greater positive impact to the society let’s do it!

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