Exchange Programs

We have had exchange visits from other countries Delegation from 1. Botswana 2. Tanzanians 3. Malawi Police 4. Salif Keita from Mali

Academic Research

Different People have come on board when doing academic papers,We Have: Beryl Marindah – Undergraduate Project Mercy- Undergraduate Project Hannah Njenga – Masters thesis from Daystar Irene Nyamu has done a PHD on Albinism UoN Project in conjuction with a UK University

Niko Na Haki Campaign Program

Niko Na Haki  (Awareness Campaign) Nikon na haki is a campaign where we visit different parts of the country to raise awareness and educate the communities on matters concerning  albinism. Albinism continues to carry a deep stigma in Kenya. According to report done by CERD A on Kenyans with Albinism Racial Discrimination states Vulnerable population

Rescuing Persons With Albinism From Ritual Killings Project

Robinson Mukhwana – 2009 Gabriel Kinyanjui – 2014 Bianca Chacha – 2014 Andrew And Adrian – 2015

Counseling services Program

We have been able to reach out to over 1,000 individuals and institutions for guidance and counseling.

Land Title Project

ASK has been able to Buy a 1 ¼ acre piece of Land in Embu for Economic Empowerment for Albinism Center.

Green Houses Project

ASK has partnered with Safaricom and Amiran to set up two green Houses in Mt. Kenya

Naweza Kazi Job Placement Economic Program

ASK has managed to secure employment for over 25 PWAs in various companies such us: Safaricom, Barclays, L`oreal.

Jisimamie Economic Empowerment Program

We have helped over twenty (20) Persons with Albinism society of to start their small businesses

Cancer Treatment Program

We have facilitated the treatment of over twenty Persons with Albinism in variousHospitals.

Skin Cancer Screening

We have facilitated the screening of over many Persons with Albinism each year.

Miwani Mashinani

More than 1,000 PWAs have been provided with prescription glasses and other optical devises.