March 1, 2015

some of the myths associated with persons with albinism

  • Throughout the world, people have misconceptions about albinism. These include;
  • That people with albinism have magical powers
  • The belief they are retarded.
  • Among African-Americans, a common myth is that babies with albinism result from a union
  • between an African-American woman and a Caucasian man.
  • Another common myth is that people with albinism must have red eyes. People with albinism usually have blue or gray eyes which sometimes appear reddish in certain types of light. Sometimes, myths are so widespread even the person with albinism believes them.
  • The media, including literature and film, have contributed to stereotypes of albinism. The character with albinism is often portrayed as villainous, deviant, supernatural or sadistic.
  • Some news reports and encyclopedia articles have included false or incomplete information about albinism. It is difficult for the public to know what is true and untrue about albinism.
  • In Africa for example it is believed every white person has money so even the person with white skin can generate money. This is because of the tendency of human beings to respect because of wealth. People want to get rich fast, complemented by superstitious beliefs and capitalism.
  • That sexual relations with someone with albinism can cure HIV/AIDS.
  • Persons with albinism do not die. They just disappear or melt
  • They must die at a young age of between 30-45years of age.
  • Paul

    Hey. What has the Government of Kenya done to improve the lives of people with albinism condition? Do they have the data of how many they are and do they give protection to those who are faced with threats to life and from traditional beliefs victimization?

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