Testimonials of “Naweza Kazi” Program

Nancy Njeri

Nancy Njeri

By Mercy Ndirangu

They are stories of testimonials of what transpired after the first ever Mr. and Miss Albinism 2016. Donald Kisombe and Nancy Njeri are now working with Safaricom Limited under Albinism Society of Kenya Job placement program dubbed, “Ninaweza Kazi”.

How has your unemployment Journey been?
My name is Donald Kisombe. My journey to employment was a bit difficult but at the same time had opportunities to intern in various companies. There is also the aspect of how people look at you, simply because you are learned and are jobless.
The biggest one that I encountered was the reluctance of companies to recruit a person living with albinism especially in the engineering field. So I decided to have a set of CVs. One had my disability status and one without. I have appeared in a couple of interviews and most of them were as a result of having to send the CV without my disability status.
Am grateful for the partnership that Safaricom has with ASK. It gave me an opportunity to appear for interviews and ultimately get a job opportunity. This is a great one for me to learn, network and build a career that its future sometimes seems bleak. I am looking forward to starting my training and working hard. Am anxious about how helpful I will be in the future. Am passionate about technology and am sure there is much to learn. I want to be better and ultimately the best in what I do.

How was unemployment for you Nancy?
Nancy Njeri: Success is no accident, its hard work, perseverance, acceptance, sacrifice, studying and learning. This quotes helps me to understand success is a process which involve so many activities which do not exclude any character.
I cleared my undergraduate level in the year 2015 done a Bachelor in Business Management finance in specific but since then it has not been an easy journey because of discrimination.
After been in a position to study, learn and accept myself, discrimination was still prevailing in my life maybe because of lack of knowledge about albinism or the myths around it. I did so many internships for more than 3 months but no one was willing to absorb me. It really demotivates when your hard work goes unrewarded, but I knew I had to strive and prove to the world disability is not inability.
After I participated in a beauty pageantry which was organized by Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK), I was able to get another internship with ASK as an accountant through the chairman Hon. Dr. Mwaura M. Isaac and later after three months, I was able to get a Job with Safaricom through him.
I really thank Hon. Dr. Mwaura M. Isaac for the good work he has been doing for the minority people. I believe he never bribes for opportunity but fights for the opportunity because we have the qualifications and skills to perform duties in the work place. Personally I believe an opportunity given is better than a sympathy offered. It is a nice feeling to get a job genuinely and I am passionate to fight for the rights of the young girls and boys with albinism who are underage.

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