Niko Na Haki Campaign Program

Niko Na Haki  (Awareness Campaign)

Nikon na haki is a campaign where we visit different parts of the country to raise awareness and educate the communities on matters concerning  albinism.

Albinism continues to carry a deep stigma in Kenya. According to report done by CERD A on Kenyans with Albinism Racial Discrimination states Vulnerable population within Kenya regularly experiences discrimination and violence based on the colour of their skin. Often friends, relatives, community members or people in positions of are the authors of this violence and discrimination. This makes it hard to trust people, and persons with albinism can become alienated from community, social, cultural and economic life. They come from all races, but are stigmatized for their lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Myths and superstitions abound. Across the region, people with albinism are ritually hunted, attacked and murdered. Their arms and legs, bones and blood, fingers and toes are commodities. Limbs and digits are hacked off to feed an illegal trade in the body parts of persons with albinism, which are sold in the form of bogus potions or charms.

Discrimination also arises from false beliefs and mystification of albinism’s striking appearance. Negative cultural attitudes and practices can be found around the world. Albinism occurs throughout the world and within every race, but albinism does not constitute a distinct race or ethnicity itself. Yet, people with albinism experience discrimination related to skin colour. People with albinism in Kenya’s schools and on the streets are incessantly teased and bullied. Classmates as well as teachers and others in authority hurl insults. It leads to demoralization and psychosocial issues. It is with this background information that the Albinism Society of

Kenya came up with a program dubbed’ Niko a Haki’ that aims to educate the public on the causes of albinism and that people with Albinism face.


We Select counties based on where we have not covered and we give priorities to counties that have experienced the birth of a new child with albinism.

We use:

  • Trainings
  • Group Discussions
  • IEC Materials

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