Our History

Albinism Society of Kenya is a national Civil Society Organization. It was established in June 2006 to seek social inclusion and enhance the self-esteem of Persons with Albinism.


The Society was formed in June 2006 from a meeting organized by Catherine Nyambura, Rick Guidotti, in collaboration with African Braille Centre and Kenya Society for the Blind. Aiming at bringing together all persons with albinism in Kenya, this meeting was unique in its sense. For the first time in the Kenyan history persons with albinism came together to share their experiences in living with albinism; stories of stigma and discrimination, of living as a minority group in cultures and societies that are ignorant of their Rights, needs and condition. It was behind this backdrop that, this meeting resolved to form an organization that would act as a platform in championing for the Rights and needs of persons with albinism in Kenya.

During the above meeting, an election was held where the first office bearers were elected as follows; Munyere Alex as Chairman, Isaac Mwaura Vice Chairman, Alex Kaluyu Secretary and Esther Kiunya as Treasurer. Other members included Catherine Karumba Organizing Secretary and Bernadict Kinyua and Nancy Njoki Kamau as committee members. The organization was formally registered in 2006 under the societies Act (Sec 10 of the laws of Kenya) in 2007. The main objective was to advocate for the social inclusion of persons with albinism, as well as enhanced provision of medical care to their sensitive skin and eye.

Our Values


ASK exists to facilitate access to accurate and authoritative information about albinism and to provide a place where people with albinism and their families, in Kenya, can find acceptance, support and fellowship. We do this through the creation of awareness of their rights, social inclusion, socio-economic opportunities and empowerment, provision of sunscreen lotion and prescription glasses and general management of their health.

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Our Identity

We are a National not-for-profit Civil Society Organization (CSO) established to bring together and assist people with albinism (PWA) to live dignified lives through awareness raising to enhance their confidence and self-esteem, advocacy and lobbying, economic empowerment, access to education and training and general management of their health.

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A society where a person with albinism is free from all forms of socio-economic and political injustice enjoys their human rights and participates fully in national building. To improve the human development index of PWA.

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Albinism Society of Kenya National Board

Hon. Isaac Maigua Mwaura
National Coordinator
Lydia Mugure
National Treasure
Mary Mugure Arithi
National Secretary
Matilda Jerono
Parents Representative