Linda Ngozi Program

This is a skincare program where Persons with Albinism are protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. The skin being the largest organ in the body, is more susceptible to damage by the harmful rays, thus resulting to Skin Cancer. Under this program, we distribute sunscreen lotions to Persons with Albinism, prioritizing those who cannot afford to get them especially those from remote and inaccessible areas. We also give protective gears like brim hats and long sleeved shirts to Persons with Albinism in order to ensure that they are protected from harmful ultraviolet rays which cause cause the Skin Cancer. In addition, we also engage in cancer screening activities to enable us identify Persons with Albinism who unknowingly suffer from Skin Cancer. So far, we have been able to distribute over a thousand bottles of sunscreen lotions to Persons with Albinism from different counties across Kenya. Recently, we distributed sunscreen lotions to Persons with Albinism in Burundi. More partners coming on board are showing interests in directly contributing to and taking part in this program. Albinism Society of Kenya has facilitated the treatment of many Persons with Albinism in various hospitals over the years. We have also previously facilitated the screening of many more Persons with Albinism under this program.

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