Imarisha Masomo Program

Albinism Society of Kenya values education because it empowers Persons with Albinism with the knowledge required to take part in governance. In conjunction with our partners and sponsors, we run this program to give Persons with Albinism the educational support required to advance to the next level of learning. Targeted beneficiaries are needy students with Albinism who have been abandoned and neglected by the society. Under this program, we also ensure that there are proper learning and education systems in institutions where Persons with Albinism are taught. In addition, sponsors and partners engage project beneficiaries directly through their schools or through our organisation, where such educational support is given on a need basis. For the time that we have been in existence, our records indicate that learners with Albinism from kindergarten to tertiary levels of education have substantially benefited from this program, both in the past and present. Necessary steps are also being taken by Albinism Society of Kenya, to ensure that the future of Persons with Albinism on matters quality education is guaranteed.

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