Jisimamie Program

Under this program, Persons with Albinism are made to benefit from financial allocations given to them as capital. Persons with Albinism also get to benefit from trainings and mentorship programs on entrepreneurship. In order for one to benefit, he or she must be a Person with Albinism and is required to write a Business Proposal to Albinism Society of Kenya. Vetting of The Proposal follows. Viable business prospects are then funded by Albinism Society of Kenya. Business proposals that do not show any prospects are further discussed and improved, with the help of a specifically assigned member of Albinism Society of Kenya’s Secretariat. We have been able to assist several Persons with Albinism to start a business, over the years, in this regard. We look forward to partnering with corporates and other private players who do entrepreneurial workshops, so as to ensure that Persons with Albinism maximumly benefit on the same. A good number of Persons with Albinism have benefitted from this program so far.

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