Naweza Kazi Program

Under this program, Albinism Society of Kenya partners with potential employers, to make it easier for unemployed yet qualified Persons with Albinism to find jobs. This project works such that the project beneficiaries send their updated Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) to the organisation. The CVs are then confidentially stored in a database, where necessary information is only retrieved when a potential employer needs to recruit new employees with disabilities, among them Persons with Albinism. This kind of placement extends to internships and attachments. The program covers both public and private sectors.

Since we started this program, many Persons with Albinism have benefited from this program. Implementing the program has enabled us to establish that many Persons with Albinism are competent and qualified enough for the job, but are either denied employment opportunities due to discrimination or other flimsy reasons. In the past, we catered for Persons with Albinism’s needs surrounding employment applications which includes facilitation. Some of the employers who have given employment opportunities to Persons with Albinism courtesy of this program are L’Oreal, Safaricom, N.I.C Bank and K.C.B Bank. We recently secured several employment opportunities, at Carrefour and Shoprite supermarkets for our members. We look forward to partnering with more employers so as to ensure that Persons with Albinism are economically empowered through employment.

Wycliffe Ambei “Mzungu Reloaded”
National Youth Service (NYS) graduates, among them PWAs, with the President of the Republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta.

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