Niko na Haki Campaign in Ruiru

Niko na Haki Program

This is an awareness creation program where we engage in various activities that advocate for the rights and welfare of Persons with Albinism. These activities include: civic engagement forums, photo tours through travels and public lectures. In the past, these activities have resulted to a great impact locally, regionally and internationally. In terms of creating awareness on albinism through civic engagements, we have so far covered majority of the counties. The program is informed by the fact that Persons with Albinism continue to face stigmatisation and discrimination in the society. This makes the special-interest group very vulnerable. Across the region, Persons with Albinism are still hunted for ritual purposes despite previous efforts made to combat such a vice, thus the need to do more. We recently conducted an awareness creation campaign in Meru County, where we sensitized the local community on different aspects of albinism. This was prompted by an arson meted against a Person with Albinism by a member of the public.

One Comments

  • I would like to express how grateful i am for this.The use of the ‘NIKO NA HAKI CAMPAIGN’ could be said to be the best thing that could have happened in Kenya. My name is Winnie Mungai, a law student from the University of Nairobi. In my fourth year research paper, i wrote on Albinism, Human rights and the role of the international community. Through case study and case laws i was able to look into:
    1)the ritualistic killings in Tanzania
    2)what the role of the International community
    3) what would become of the myths and superstitions
    4)what could be done to curb this menace
    5)the different roles of the East African countries in regards to this
    6)Could PWA could be awarded special rights?

    The research further looked into the legal basis on what the International Community is doing and whether such actions have their grounding in law and the legal ramifications on PWA, particularly with regard to the right to protection.

    With the Niko na Haki campaign, the public will be more educate on Albinism,PWA and their Human rights.It’s said that, “a more enlightened society is a protected society. ”
    It would be an honour to be part of this great team,help with the campaign and be part of the change.
    Thank you


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