Huduma Bora Program

This is an institutional-strengthening program where we partner with other key players and stakeholders to build our own internal capacity, as an albinism-affiliated organisation, so as to effectively serve Persons with Albinism and members of the general public at large, who in one way or another interact with Persons with Albinism. The kind of assistance for such programs are both financial and technical, which turn out very beneficial to us in terms of building capacity and strengthening our internal institutional mechanisms.

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  • Good morning,
    Thank you so much for this amazing project that you have. With it, more people are being educated and more enlightened on their rights and the available legislative policies that have been established. I wanted to congratulate you on this and to urge you to forge ahead.My request though, could this reach the grassroots?

    • Yes Winnie Mungai. All our programs are tailored towards meeting the needs and addressing the challenges faced by Persons with Albinism, especially at the grassroots. We’re in the process of establishing county structures across the country to ensure that our services reach out to all Persons with Albinism regardless of the part of the country where they are.


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